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Price Analysis: $PCX – Improving Long-Term Investments

While there aren't many short-term opportunities in crypto at the moment, there are several promising long-term setups with high risk but also high potential rewards. It's crucial to manage risk and make wise investments. My first pick this year is PCX.

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High quality chart:

For this first setup and comeback I decided to keep it very simple to later on gradually share more complex ideas and analysis with you.

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- Breaking long term trendline with increased volume (still needs to break short term resistance to gain more momentum) -While the R/R is extremely high, there is a 30% loss previous low. I will use previous low as stop. - Devs are active and tokenomics are the same as BTC.


I think PCX is a solid project with a strong narrative, particularly in a bull market. The team's focus on building a scalable Bitcoin layer 2 is definitely a plus. I'm confident in the project's R/R and volume, so I'm accumulating a healthy position in PCX. 4/4

Let me know what you all think of this one and I'm open to hear some of your picks.

Happy new year!

HQ Chart link (Working):

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