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Miners’ Fates and Low Energy: A Bitcoin Miner’s View

1/ Great article here from @strack_ben at @Blockworks_ about the challenges facing miners today. CryptoWinter and high energy prices have raised costs and lowered revenue for BTC miners.

Crypto Miners Mulling Options as Downturn Weighs Heavily

2/ @WilliamSuberg from @Cointelegraph reported on the issue earlier this month, writing, “Bitcoin miners, feared to be entering a new wave of capitulation, have upped sales of BTC reserves, data confirms.”

Bitcoin miner outflow ratio hits 6-month high in new threat to BTC price

3/ Since TheMerge, BTC miners' fates are intertwined with one chain: Bitcoin. While Bitcoin is the foundation of the whole crypto ecosystem, no one should have all their eggs in one basket

4/ We have built a blockchain leveraging both PoW and Delegated PoS. The SatoshiPlus Consensus at the core of CoreDao (pun intended) combines the best aspects of Bitcoin and Ethereum. We benefit from the decentralization of PoW, and miners gain an additional revenue stream

5/ @Coredao_Org enables miners to serve as a foundational piece of a new generation of Dapps, giving them access to Web3 growth. You can read more about how CoreDAO uses PoW for our Web3 ecosystem in our blog post here

Why Proof of Work?
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