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This Week in Crypto: $BTC, LTC, and a $BONK

Another edition of Charter's Digest just dropped

This week featuring BTC, LTC, SWISE, APT, ETC, and a bonus BONK

A quick summary of the charts below 👇

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Charter's Digest 1.2.23

1. BTC 4h

Bitcoin attempting the 4h edge-to-edge cloud move, targeting 17.3k or so.

2. LTC 1D

Litecoin looking incredible on the daily with a massive S/R flip

3. SWISE 12H

One of the most undervalued "Liquid Staking Derivative" alts (like LDO) as that narrative picks up steam

Special shout-out to @karl_0x for the alpha here - give him a follow

Karl on Twitter

4. APT 12h

Could Aptos long-term shorters face a little squeeze action?

5. ETC 4h

Given the Gemini-DCG drama, Barry coins likely back on the menu and in for volatility.


Solana's hottest culture coin is taking the ecosystem by storm. This one is all about fundamentals, not technicals. To that point, here's a great thread highlighting all the ways that BONK has already been integrated into existing projects.

Lenny's Intern on Twitter

That's it for the first edition of Charter's Digest in 2023. Reminder you can read the full post and subscribe to receive future posts in your inbox here:

Charter's Digest 1.2.23

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