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Bitcoin Genesis Block Session 2.0 Recap

It’s a new year, another opportunity to do more. The great and insightful Bitcoin Genesis Block session is back again w/ @Blka href="https://cryptos.blue/bitcoin">BTCBillions . Find the link and the major highlights of the session in the tweets below ⬇️ . P2P BTC CBDC FIAT

Major Highlights. - 2022 Bitcoin Recap. - The Bitcoin OTC Market in Africa 🇳🇬 🇬🇭 analyzed by @bigmarh & @herrytheeagle . - Referenced @paxful , @DigiOats & @KayodeTimilehi7 bulk OTC trades in the market while emphasizing the Aboki guys/parallel market rate & the NGN arbitrage

- Tax Implications, Importance of Self Custody was highlighted by @cjthesmartguy & @_DAWDU .

- The Bitcoin change makers list featured Nigerians & South Africans like @bernard_parah , @ihate1999 & @440UrPp .

- The success of the AfroBitcoin Conference was applauded while discussion & announcement about the @NigeriaBTCconf was captured.

- A Bitcoin Core Dev PGP compromise was addressed as stated by @LukeDashjr and referenced by @JoeNakamotos tweet in the New session. 👇🏼

For more updates make sure you join the next Genesis Block session with the link attached.

Black Bitcoin Billionaires
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