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I Mentioned You, Satoshi, But You Aren’t All Afraid of Bitcoin…

Dear Satoshi I DM'd you but you still ain't responded / I left my Discord, Twitter, and Nostr link down at the bottom / BTC forked back in Autumn, you might not-a got em / There probably was a problem on the exchange listing or something

Sometimes I write addresses too sloppy when I jot em / But anyways fuck it what's been up man how is Laszlo / I'm buying Papa John's too but it be just for fun though / If I had to give advice to my non existent daughter / I'd say hey, stay away from Roger...

I heard about the ICO scams I'm sorry / A friend of mine keeps his wealth with a mobile wallet on Safari / I know you read this everyday, but I'm your biggest fan / Even saw the lightning torch that made it to Iran

I got a room full of Bitcoin stickers and the t-shirts man / Stacking sats not a government investment plan / Anyways I hope you get this Satoshi hit me back / Just to chat, truly yours, your biggest fan, this is Stan

No mempool so I'm wondering why

I let my wallet set a fee

My Twitter feed full of shitcoiners

so much that I can't read

And even if I pull up the tx highway

Doesn't look like yields come free

It reminds me, that Hex is a scam

Hex is a scam

Dear Satoshi you still ain't moved the coins, I hope that you aren't dead / I ain't mad, after all this time I just don't wanna be misled / If you didn't wanna talk to me in California, you didn't have to / but you coulda said hi or more down in El Salvador

That centralization man did you read Nick's shelling out / Financial system control and what that's all about / Bot trading, backdoors, and chancellor on brink of bailout

That's pretty crummy man the whitepaper is like my Bible / I want to be just like you man, don't care if that means libel / Sometimes I even solo mine without free electricity / It's like adrenaline the waste is such a sudden rush for me

Bitcoin is bootstrapped, and I respect you cause you tell it / My wife be jealous from me checking prices 24/7 / But she don't know you like I know you Satoshi no one does / She don't know what anonymity vs. privacy be like cuz

You gotta chat me, I'll be the biggest fan you'll ever lose / Sincerely yours, Stan / P.S. Still time to be a professor, too

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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