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The 8 ‘Stock to Flow Bitcoin’ Chart Is Failing

1. So tired of seeing so many people posting a "Stock to Flow Bitcoin" model chart - they are all clearly FOOLS!

Read this thread for some basic common sense.

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2. Common sense - nothing flows in a straight line forever, that model will spectacularly FAIL.

All models fail at some point in time and if you look at any financial chart you will see the price moving up, down and sideways in almost random times and events.

3. Bitcoin bull runs are pump n dumps!

For a pump to be higher than the last one means the money flow needs to be greater than the last one!

2021 bull run the marketcap was 3 trillion dollars.

It was started and created by Tether!

Pump n dumps are Ponzi schemes!

4. All the people shouting Bitcoin is going to the moon are wasting their time and don't know what they are talking about

Last bull run, institutional investors decided they rather put their money into altcoins like Ethereum rather than Bitcoin, because the returns are better

5. People that don't know what they are talking about quote the "stock to flow" model.

People that know what they are talking about don't care about that dumb model. Instead we focus on important things like support, resistance and volatility!

learnToTrade learnToInvest

6. Bitcoin's volatility is low now, so traders move on to altcoins that have higher volatility!

Forex and crypto are the same!

If you bought GBP/USD (cable) you would lose money as the volatility is low and price is flat. That's why exchanges offer zero spreads for it.

7. Because Bitcoin's volatility is getting smaller as time goes on. More and more exchanges will offer zero spreads on it.

Then they will offer zero spreads to major altcoins like Ethereum and so on.

Only the dumb money will put their money into them at that point.

8. It's not about DYOR (Do Your Own Research).

It's more about actually learn to trade and invest properly!

Instead of listening to bunch of idiots on social media talking rubbish and never done a financial degree or achieved a CMT etc.

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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