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2022 Halo Grant Winner Spotlight

2022 Halo Grant Winner Spotlight 💡

In this 🧵, We share all 2022 Halo Grant Winner

Check out this amazing potential and share!

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Halo Grants Program

Halo Grant is all about helping aspiring developers and entrepreneurs in building a decentralized, secure, and composable internet. Range of developers from key areas such as MachineFi, DeFi, GameFi, SocialFi, Metaverse, NFTs, and

sustainable tech, fueling innovation in the Web3 space.

List of 2022 Winners

@questbookapp (On-chain DAO management tool)


Bridging Smart Home to the Blockchain

@elumicate Real World Data Capture

@MndlndOfficial meditate-to-earn



user can store send and receive Iotex and Usdt on Iotex Chain.


Machine to Machine payment for boat docking plus insured smart contract with Weather data.


IOTEX Enable Energy Services Pay-as-you-go solar project

@myJeenieCorp Real World Data Capture


A web3 Consumer-Facing Dapp with Elements of IoT CHAIN, GameFi and SocialFi Element


Lice DeFi Tracking Mobile app

Open Source ESP32-C3


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