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BREAKING: 7/7 Bitcoin Price Rising, Can They Get Lost?

1/7 What’s happening in Crypto by BESSAGE 5 Jan 2023 💰 BTC Price: 16842.98 🔋 Hashrate:264.51 EH/s 📊 Difficulty:34.09 T Bitcoin BTC cryptocurrency Crypto airdrop Blockchain climate

2/7 CANADA HAS DECLARED A LOCAL WAR ON BITCOIN MINING Canadian provinces now face a choice: risk losing hash rate to other jurisdictions or embrace mining and the heavily-documented socioeconomic benefits it affords.

3/7 U.S. BITCOIN MINER INCREASED ITS ANNUAL BTC PRODUCTION BY 200% IN 2022 Cleanspark’s December 2022 mining update examines the company’s year at large as well as the operations of the previous month.

4/7Cleanspark mined a total of 464 bitcoin in the month of December, to conclude 2022 with a total of 4,621 bitcoin mined. As of December 31, the company held 228 bitcoin while it sold 517 bitcoin in December for operations and growth.

5/7 Core Scientific to Shut Down 37,000 Bitcoin Mining Rigs Belonging to Bankrupt Crypto Lender Celsius Core Scientific plans to shut down 37,000 bitcoin mining rigs belonging to now-defunct crypto lender Celsius, according to an agreement between the two bankrupt firms.

6/7 Celsius owes Core Scientific approximately 7.8 million for energy and hosting costs, as the crypto lender has been unable to make regular payments as outlined in the hosting contract.

7/7 Bitcoin was trading at 16,803 at 8 a.m. EST, up 0.6% from Tuesday, according to data via TradingView. Ether experienced a more significant jump, tacking on 3% in the same period to trade at 1,250.

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