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Important $BTC Price Levels to Watch Now

Important BTC πŸ¦€ price levels to watch

So you don't get rekt πŸ‘‡

Understanding these levels can help you find better entries and exits from the market.

This is a short-term timeframe analysis

BTC πŸ¦€ market highs & lows

BTC volatility is low and has been ranging this week between 16.5k and 17k 😴

BTC weekly resistance

In the short-term BTC is struggling to get past the 16.9k liquidity area.

A spike into that area will catch a lot of shorter off guard

BTC liquidations

The bias of traders is bearish

That's why there are a lot of short liquidations north of 17k

Most will be liquidated with a wick to 17.1k

Placing a long scalp might be a better choice as whales will try to liquidity hunt the stops.

BTC liquidity

➑️ 16.9k (13m sell orders) = resistance ➑️ 16.78k (13m buy orders) = support

Pro tip don't get liquidated on such low volatility. No major buy or sell walls at the moment @Mtrl_Scientist firecharts

I hope you've found this thread helpful.

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