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Sell and Downturn? The Dollar and DUSD are Not Happy About Each Other’s Change

Morning update:

Bitcoin’s stability is impressive. It is acting almost like a stablecoin here😂 Yesterday, DXY went up, stocks down while BTC stayed flat. Definitely, a good sign although it's too early to celebrate and call for the bull run.

If nothing else, the Coinbase Premium is still negative🤔

So why did the stocks go dump and the dollar up? It was due to the hotter-than-expected labor market data. This is good news but something that will let the FED to further raise interest rates so the market is perceiving it as a bad one👇

US Labor Data Surprise as Job Market Runs Hotter Than Forecast

Chart after the news...

That being said, we are still waiting for a bigger move when it comes to crypto as well as stocks before making any changes to our structure. Patience will be once again rewarded⌛️

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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