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10 Coins That Made Happening Today

Constructing my bear market accumulation portfolio and here are 10 coins that has made it to the list. (In the sequence of today's market cap) 1. BTC 2. ETH 3. BNB 4. MATIC 5. SOL 6. ATOM 7. SAND 8. RUNE 9. HNT 10. AR

Here's why?

1. BTC - it's programmed to go up in value

2. ETH - it's the world computer that has significant adoptions, it is secured and it's not going away anytime soon

3. BNB - this may get swapped out but I still like to participate in launchpads

4. MATIC - hoping the use of layer2 will drive more adoptions of web3

5. SOL - despite its outages and loses its major sponsors, it has most relevant dApps as a layer 1

6. ATOM - interoperability plus dev friendly SDK.

Its ecosystem keeps growing rapidly

7. SAND - Sandbox has good VC backing and corporate support.

It may not be the best metaverse game but it should sustain through the bear market

8. RUNE - I am still hopeful about multi chain DEX will be needed to embark on a web3 end game

9. HNT - despite its crash in price, I still think P2P 5G is a good web3 use case

10. AR - decentralized perpetual storage is a core infrastructure that web3 users need

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