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asserting some concurrence with @Matt41145588’s">@Matt41145588s December 22nd positive pivot thesis for markets SPY & BTC, a thread 🧵:

@Matt41145588 we haven’t had crazy upside since, but it was a key low and trending slowly higher since, also possible inverse head and shoulders on bigger timeframe, if we break out of this downtrend line we’ve been under all year, it’s confirmed ✅


also, if anyone has heard of the 7 year Shmita cycle, 2022 was the year of lows.. @marketoccultat1 49 year chart here shows this very well

also, if BTC continues to follow the 4 year cycle, it has bottomed or is very close as well..

more confirmation lining up to 4 year crypto cycle, this chart by Samuel Benner. from 1875, saying cycles are based on our solar system.. 2023 time to buy, 2026 sell.

speaking of solar cycles, we’ve been in a lunar cycle since November 2021 where lunar eclipses affected markets bad, especially crypto (May 15th LUNA & in Nov 8th FTT) well, there is a solar eclipse coming up 04/20 marking the start of a solar cycle (positive)

also, inflation may have peaked, which marks cycle bottoms, fed slowing down hikes, close to a pause. still possible we see some downside, but i bet its limited & doesn’t make new lows. too many ppl calling for a recession 23 when in 21 they were saying 22 was going to be amazing

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