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How to Counter the Crypto Wiper Attack

Yes, your cryptocurrency can DISAPPEAR before your eyes. The last tip would surprise you!

Let me explain👇🧵 nft

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Drain wallet hack, is a type of attack in which an attacker is able to drain all of the funds from a cryptocurrency wallet. This type of attack is typically accomplished by exploiting a vulnerability in the wallet's code or by gaining access to the wallet's key. cryptowallet

Best way to counter the drain wallet, is to not connect your metamask to unknown websites and be sure to disconnect from even known websites once you are done with the site. safety crypto

Phishing, refers to when hackers try to gain sensitive information by tricking users to give out such information. These could be done through email, sms or more.

The hackers for instance would pretend to be an exchange you have signed up to and ask to change your password. Once you do that, it's over! Avoid such occurances and keep most of your assets on cold storage!

Lastly, ledger or hard wallets can be hacked. Users have been fooled to download software posing as Ledger and had their hard wallets drained. We must be careful with all the software we download and install on our devices. (This happened in 2020)

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