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Social Media Trolls Trolls with Trolls

A general distrust in authority provides an interesting overlap in social media circles.

BTC, CovidVaccine, seedoildisrespect, Carnivore are some examples.

On the contrary, we have:

Ukraine, LGBTQ, censorship, belief in two-tier party systems.

Worth noting, these views are peddled both on MSM and social media.

Important to check the funding sources of whoever feeds the info.

Obviously, in my own echo-chamber, I am bound to encounter such resounding opinions. But I can't help notice that the troll comments come from accounts with Ukraine flags, gender pronouns, support for BLM, Antifa, etc

Highly likely that this intentional divide is perpetuated for years, it is profitable and keeps us glued to the technology for the most recent updates.

The anti-establishment side works to shine light through and decypher the truth for the captured. (my observation)

The opposing view aim to dominate by ridicule, vilification, ad hominem attacks and alienation tactics.

There can be no substance without equal discourse and open debate, which this viewpoint eagerly silences!

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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