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BTC: A Big Lie that is a Big Threat to Bitcoin

A big lesson to learn There is quite big diff's btw those that mine btc at the early stage when it was first introduced,than those who invested their hard earned money to trade in it🤔 Many that're complaining bitterly in the recent days,are those that... A thread👇👇👇

People complain simply cuz they are afraid to loose out on their investment in the game

But,those that mine for free have nothing to loose

It is always more benefitting to engage in something worthwhile at an early stage without minding what will come up next Than,engaging into a huge and highly demanded project that requires a lots of resources for a start up

Either the value of Bitcoin experience pitfalls or gain more balance..... Early miners doesn't have enough reason to panic

But,the whales in it will be the ones to be affected the most

PiNetwork of now you take all your 100% privilege to mine for free now will soon cause a billions of pains in the ass to some people who will not be able to afford or invest in it with their money when its value would have skyrocketed

There is always a big danger when you decide to walk while others are running for their lives

You have to first obey, before you complain Let this sink into your memory

If you are to buy any bit of btc now.... i.e 0.6345679 you should be aware of the amount you are to spend to get this irrespective of your country fiat value

And, some people have mined this for free in the time past😂🤣

When will you ever be wise ? 🤔

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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