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Bull Market Found? New #BTC indicator suggests it’s a New Bull Market

Bull Market Detection

How to be rather sure that a new BTC bull market started by using the BBB indicator?

The answer could be: When BTC stayed at least 15 days above the BBB (Bull/Bear Boundary) line and price trends up on day 15 and later.

In March 2022 BTC was 18 days above BBB, but clearly trended down on day 15.

The 2014/15 bear market was a bit different.

BTC stayed 77 & 66 days above BBB & trended down on day 18 & 26.

1st case: Sideways on day 15-17. No entry. 2nd case: Possible to get out with a profit.

End 2015 there was an entry point on day 14-17 above BBB & previous resistance.


Week 3 after BTC stays above the BBB line seems to be crucial. If there is still an uptrend, there is a very good chance that a new bull market started. Especially if there were 3 failed breakouts above BBB before.

So far only 2 false breakouts. So the next breakout above BBB could still fail. Does not mean the bottom was not already in Nov 2022.

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