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Breaking: The ‘Bitcoin Bera’ Ends!

At this point, BTC -bears are spoiled af.

‘The macro‘ gives the beras even more confidence - cause it’s 100% guaranteed that the stockmarket will keep getting smashed, as every self proclaimed expert and their mommies agree on by now..

Crippled by their narcissism, they attack everyone who dares to contest their opinion.

Even the mildest expression of bullishness - any reasoning for the possibility of even short-term pa to the upside must be crushed

with brute force!

The latest upside movement of Bitcoin triggers the beras

- something they have not felt in a long time is creeping up their hairy backs - UNCERTAINTY!

It shows in the tweets of the big bera-accounts as they use increasingly aggressive wording to push their agenda!

Therefore I am telling you -

The reign of the bera is ending!

The age of the bula is nigh!

Major pumpage and godcandles are upon us! Bitcoin BTC bullish

Denial? 🤔

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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