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4 Takeaways From ARK INVEST’s December 22 Bitcoin Market High

4 takeaways from ARK INVEST’s December 2022 Bitcoin report — @CathieDWood

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Just below 50% of all Bitcoin’s supply hasn’t moved in 2+ years. This close to being an all time high.

2. 1.5MM (~7% of total supply) of Bitcoin were traded between the price levels of 16K-17.5K, creating an important support zone.

3. Coinbase claimed up to 40% market share after the FTX fallout. That’s close to a double-fold increase.

4. Miner selling is on the downtrend despite the recent increase in hashrate. Do they know something we don’t?

5. The ongoing DCG saga remains as the biggest question mark (or threat) for the crypto industry. GBTC continues to trade at higher discounts.

5. Full report at:

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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