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DROID- NEWSLETTER - getrevue.co/profile/marsdroid1 2 minutes reading from Bitcoin

Alts News: Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin, et al.

Alts summary 1-ETH trying to break out 2 Ethereum beating Bitcoin for now 3trade cheat sheet 4 LTCimg

Litecoin 1st coin on cheat sheet now up 100% marsdroid1

is dom forming a bottom or

Is it serious alts rally time .... we will be back on adding to this thread later !

Dont forget we try to get daily topics out on tik tok as well subscribe to be updated ...we cant always type and do charts it needs to be varied ,get involved!

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Droid">@marsdroid1Droid (@marsdroid1 | TikTok

Needing eth to go higher here ,break out or bust...... back tomorrow eth alts

btc Bitcoin cryptocurrencies marsdroid1

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