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Breaking: $BTC - H4/D At D1 100 MA

BTC - H4/D1

Exited 80% as planned at D1 100 MA yesterday.

Been to focused on shitcoins popping to compound on BTC, but happily holding what's left as long as H4 trend [same since 16.5k] is defended.

From here, two main focuses: - D1 200 EMA @ 20,900, - D1 100 MA @ 18,000.

I was definitely NOT expecting to see D1 100 MA destroyed that well, it's a pleasure to see.

Right now H4 is getting more and more over extended, price sitting @ 19.2k while H4 trend is at 18.0k.

Don't know if A) price fills this gap or B) if trend does.

A) If price fills this gap... Well it means retrace all over the board imo.

B) If trend catches up with prices... Consolidation on BTC == money rotation on alts ?

In any case...

If not clear: - 20% left running, - Reasons to cut from here: D1 200 EMA hit OR/AND H4 trend lost, - Two main focuses from here: D1 100 MA as must hold/flip support (18k), D1 200 EMA as main/last target (to exit rest of position), - H4 trend focus to compound.

And once again... The trigger was H4 200 EMA break and flip.

Also guys, don't forget to pay yourself, it's only real when realised ;).

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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