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Price Analysis – $MARA Rises From The Pre-Market Low

1/5 Trade Review - MARA

When planning trades, I always start with the macro view before identifying individual tickers.

For this one, the breakout on the BTC & COIN charts suggests more buying into crypto-related stocks.

2/5 I'm now looking into which crypto stocks have the best risk/reward for an upside move. This comes down to (1) volume & (2) supply/demand levels.

MARA had incredible volume pouring in the past 4 sessions and primed to break out of the 7 level.

3/5 Compare this chart to RIOT.

RIOT is entering a consolidation zone and the increase in volume is less than MARA.

4/5 Execution!

Pre-market and Previous Day highs & lows are my main areas of interest when entering positions.

In this case, MARA DEFENDED the pre-market low twice. Very bullish if investors aren't letting price fall below this level.

5/5 I entered my position here and sold at my price target in yellow.

Great trade and is repeatable if you understand how to identify momentum.

Hope this helps you in your trading journey!

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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