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Bear Market Meets DISBEL in Bear Market

🧵The market is very simple to me. Don't agree with what EVERYONE says.

Remember when we had our Bull Run 2 years ago. Everyone was shouting Bitcoin 100K this year. We didn't come near it!

You felt it was already too late to take profits. When the dip happened BTC bitcoin ⤵️

🧵The reason for that is because you were in DISBELIEF you wouldn't accept the fact that bitcoin wasn't hitting 100K that year. It happens to the best of us thinking something is "impossible" meanwhile everything is possible in the market. ⤵️

🧵The same situation is happening right now, all the bears are in DISBELIEF at the fact that bitcoin won't be hitting 10,000 in this bear market. Everyone shouting 10K bitcoin LFG. "I'm staying out of the market until 10K" ⤵️

🧵Is such a horrible mindset. I always used to tell people to "take what's right in front of YOU" back at 16K. Because 16K is guaranteed and 10K is not. You could've always bought 70% at 16K and waited for 10K (which is not our current reality yet) ⤵️

🔐 Your lesson is to ignore what everybody says. At the end of the day, It's your investment, your money, and your decision that matters most. Because that's what will impact your life. PS. 10K could happen I'm not saying it can't. I'm just telling you to stay in reality. BTC

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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