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DROID- NEWSLETTER - getrevue.co/profile/marsdroid1 3 minutes reading from Bitcoin

BREAKING NEWS – Btc.lv.mx And Retail Taking Position Over the Weekend

1-Looking for support BTC

2- btc dom pushing up

3- eth starting to lose ground falling out of cloud soon 4- zooming in falling out pushed down by green cloud btc in charge marsdroid1

1 -dxy spinning top indecisive DXY

2- sandp500 expanding wedge turning upwards as predicted last week 3- ALBT NoMercy up 100% from bottom hitting resitance for now 4 - LTC Litecoin falling against btc

also up 100% from bottom in usdt

Plenty to go through ,pivotal now with retail taking positions over the weekend in a normal situation would be expected for this to be sold into on monday morning when

they are back to work...

Btc pullback to 19k reassess from monday action never a wrong move to take profit ,retail pullback after 6pm

@MARSDROID1 - WINFLUENCER NO BS!!!!! xs300 B/C on Twitter

markets correlating sandp looks like pumping ....carry on through next week seems likely

comments ....Welcome to @MarsDroid THIS IS WAR!

Droid">@marsdroid1video7186280388199714053is_from_webapp1sender_devicepcweb_id7039122082677081605Droid on TikTok
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