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Bitcoin Isn’t Done Yet

🧵 BTC takes a rest at 21300 currently but I think it isn't done yet. 24250 is next pivotal point. Big horizontal level in red and red line invalidates bear case. I still hold cash for lower targets.

Remember EW thesis which I thought has low probability. Well we have reached 1.618% but wave 5 of C is missing. This is an A in Macro! Expect a sharp B after. Now, I expect BTC to consolidate first below and later above 21300 before spike.

If BTC does what it always did in major corrections

Read this description above chart. 15840 was the 12.36% target but spike wasn't big enough for that high time frame. Check out my personal trading method part 1 "Universal Trading":

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XAUBTC Ratio isn't done yet. No indication for bull market.

For transparency - I did hedge accordingly and I will sell again around 24250. DYOR

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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