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Why I Think this is Bitcoin #BTC

Bitcoin BTC

In this thread I'll explain reasons why I think this rally has just started


Monthly close like this would create hidden bull divs for the 2nd time in BTC history

STOCH went oversold for the 3rd time

Last time it happened in '19 at 3k. We all know what followed

BTC 1W 1/2

Regular bull divs on 1W and 2W for the 1st time in BTC history

RSI trendline from ATH is finally broken to the upside

BTC 1W 2/2

21 W EMA is finally reclaimed, but 55 and 200 impending cross above around 25-26k should act as resistance


Volatility on 1W and especially on 3D and 5D is at historic lows and it's finally expanding

There have still more room to grow


Bull divs on 1W predicted all bottoms for the last 20+ years

Fresh bull divs on 1W were printed 2 weeks ago

When stocks go up, BTC and ALTS usually follow


Levels that will provide major resistance are:

1) 21k (200 day EMA) 2) 25k range highs and 55/200 W EMA confluence 3) 32k

4) 42k

When will BTC top?

I have no idea, but I think it will go higher than anybody expects and when the last bear has turned bullish, it should be time to sell

Although I think the BTC bottom is in, probably another buying opportunity around 20k might occur in the next 6-12 months.

That's when I plan to fill my ALTS bags for the next cycle

ATM this looks like a BTC driven rally and BTC dominance looks bullish.

Series of higher lows on 1W with accepntance above 42%

First major resistance is around 48%, but I won't start buying ALTS before mid 50s

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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