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Time to Reinterpret $BTC DCA Strategy

Feels like a gd time to reconsider my BTC DCA strategy - Contrary to popular belief the maths don't support a HODL buy strategy motive as I want to accumulate assets on HL pullbacks, not eat paper losses on LH after LH

R/R favours building a spot position on pullbacks now


Whilst I got caught offside by what imo is a short squeeze (rather than new money/sentiment) driven Crypto rally; my StockMarket TA has held up well

I struggle to be risk-on with SPX stalled @ resistance & DXY @ meme fib channel support


In my favour, I called out the negative funding rate outlier on Bybit as a canary in the coal, but there is no substitute for experience and I didn't fully appreciate the significance

Nice to know I have another analysis edge to exploit next time


With the 1D 200 SMA broken, it's time to zoom out


is 12%+ away from confirming 15.4K as 'A' bottom. The next key SMA is the 1W 200 @ circa 24.5K. 7 days ago that would be hopium talk but if degens recklessly shorts 21K then price will continue to squeeze up


This BTC liquidation chart via @coinglass_com confirms what's happening

The relationship between increasing liquidations since 2 Jan 23 & this price squeeze is clear as day 🤯 Knowledge is power & now I know that true alpha is hidden in plain sight


Bitcoin Liquidations-Bitcoin Liquidations Chart-Bitcoin liquidations live-bitmex rekt-Coinglass
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