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Bitcoin Price Holds Above $200

BTC update - HTF

We successfully played from bottom to TP4. TP4 is a resistance and Tp5 is a stronger resistance .

Even tho it looks like a break out , change of character happens above 25k. That’s when I would go heavy in spot . (1/1)

That wouldn’t happen in few months. After BTC hits 23k it can get into some choppy PA even if it is the bottom to complete the structure to push up (1/2)

In 2024 when BTC is at 100k+ it really doesn’t matter whether you bought it at 18k or 25k . So take entry after confirmation that to bottom fish (1/3)

Anything can happen below 25k and a giant dump is also a possibility . However if BTC crosses 25k , bull run begins 🫦! (1/4)

Just don’t expect in next few months . You can still make a lot of money trading (1/5)

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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