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Meme Meme Project: $LEV Is Coming!

BTC is targeting 23K, healthy correction should be there soon.

👉Best time for me to share a thread about a based meme project with nice community and based dev team! 👉Today's is about the memefi project LEVI @Leveragefi


Topics: 1⃣ Project overview

2⃣ What they're doing to archive their plan?

3⃣ Why I’m confidence to hold it long until next bullrun if needed? 4⃣ TA on meme?

5⃣ CT who already talked about it

6⃣ Project related links 👇

1/9 Project overview 👉LEVI is an Arbitrum memefi project, which dedicated to generating real-yield for holders 👉stealth launched on 22nd October 2022 with start MC 81K. 👉it was paired with 40K worth ETH

🤚Stop here and read it again

🫡Yes, 40K from team’s pocket for LP!

2/9 Project overview part 2 👉So LEVI is a based meme project. It's no a common one which be launched everyday on SOL and Dogecoin 👉max. supply 1 mil. with 2% already burned

3/9 How to achive that main target: generating real-yield for token holders

but: LEVI is a none-taxed token?🧐Yes, still they gone done it with:

👉1% trading fee on UniV3 👉own created code to lock LP and still able to collect fee

👉minted GLP 👉trading with leverage

4/9 some statistics 👉Holding 30878 in GLP, with earns 34.45% APR on GMX rn. 👉So far 2k distributed to holder and est 4% annually.

👉Another 1 ETH of GLP got minted today fresh from trading profit! 👉next payout for token holder is coming!

5/9 Why I can hold it long? 👉building in bear 👉big LP for meme 👉team has money to keep it alive, they added 40K by themself! 👉Treasury is growing nicely 👉Bull market+ meme szn + Arbitrum szn will come

So I'm very comfortable to DCA buy and sell it, not got rekted by tax

6/9 TA on meme

🤪Just don't take it too serious 👉daily aspect: price around Fibo 0.886, it's totally oversold 👉daily key zone between 0.28 and 0.4

👉Accomulation zone with an up trend line

👉very nice entry price to have potential to break the ATH nealy 2 in the future

7/9 CT who already LEVI





8/9 relevant links


Twitter: @LeverageInu



LEVI Finance
Telegram: Contact @Leverageportalablockquoteblockquoteblockquotep 9/9 At the end

I want to see one day, all memes flooding in TG group, no because we need to push the chart, but only because we are so rich with LEVI and finally celebrating the meme fun part!

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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