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Under the Radar: Is Bitcoin Still Live?

When BTC was live but still in early development building the foundation of the network.

I don't think educated people would have been struggling to wrap their head around why there was no adoption by national states.

There's already large firms mining TAO and driving competition for that part of the project which is the foundation.

Validators numbers being restricted and a fixed 18% fee for delegates drives competition for validator teams to build on the network and add value.

Subnets are coming which can scale the UID's to up to 100k and add additional modality (images, video, text) and importantly connecting these together.

Age on Twitter

The network still young but expanding fast. Being live does not mean being ready just like BTC being live did not mean it was ready to be used for it's intended purpose.

However, the network is rapidly coming together and reaching a point where it will be worthwhile both from a performance and incentive standpoint to build upon the network.

There's endless resources available to dive deeper, I suggest you put some effort into understanding the aim and current status of the network.

Official docs, YouTube video's, pod casts, weekly live chats etc. There's many resources to learn about @bittensor_ and their plans.

is a good place to start with much of the links being collected into one accessible place.

Bittensor & Tao Data : Metagraph UID Ranking List : taostats
This post is based on this twitter thread.


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