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Week 2: Bitcoin Price Continues to Shine

Looking at🧐 BTC ETH 🔥Week 2 2023🔥 We will be looking at below: BTC.D ETH/BTC DXY US10Y






Indicator JSE bullish XRPL BTC

*Market Cipher*:

BTC.D ✍️- On the Daily - Break out from the Horizontal Triangle and on our way to the target MarketCipher

ETH/BTC ✍️ - On the Daily - Break out of the wedge and now a retest of support.... ETH could be strong here and adds to the current Bullish Narrative for all CryptocurrencyMarket.

DXY ✍️ - On the Daily - Break down out of the broadening wedge which would bring strength to risk assets and again adding to the Bullish narrative. Deep red on the Money flow continues.

US10Y ✍️ - On the Daily -

Looking like a bearish chart and another ✔️ for BTC and ETH. Nice clean decrease in money flow into the red. Not much change from last week.

SPX ✍️ - Strong green up trend on money flow with a big red split in RSIs. Looking Bullish at resistance. Probably the most interesting chart in the bunch.

BTC ✍️ - On the Daily - Falling wedge with momentum and money flow trending up. Big change in this chart since last week. Watch out for the red dot print on MarketCipher keep it simple.

ETH ✍️ - On the Daily -keep an eye on the red dot print on the momentum wave. Retest of support would be good to see but we could continue up.

You do you and a i will do me. 👹

Drop a comment if you disagree or have any questions on the analysis.


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*Market Cipher*:

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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