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Price Analysis: $DXY, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, EOS


Possible Scenario for the market.

DXY | ES | EU | BTC |

We start with DXY as the dollar is king and dictates what happens in the rest of the market.

My opinion on the dollar as mentioned before is that it has not topped yet and is simply making a retracement before inot a discount before the next leg up.

DXY | Yearly

I believe we are seeing a yearly open manipulation where we bottom by the end of January finding support of the 2020 Yearly +OB with the lowest possible end of the range being the equilibrium of the 2020 OB.

DXY | 3 Months

We are currently at equilibrium of the price range and i think we are looking for PD arrays in a discount.

DXY | Monthly

The monthly fvg under the swing low is the first and main draw on liquidity imo.

DXY | Daily

How do we get to the monthly fvg? I think we make a slight retracement to either the volume imbalance or the fvg before heading for discount and the monthly fvg. Note that it could also just dump straight to it.

In conclusion, DXY should bottom somewhere between 102 - 97.

Next we move onto EU which is pretty much the exact opposite to the dollar. It is looking for PD arrays in a premium.

EU | Yearly

EU | 3 Months

Main DOL is on 1.12. Highest possibility being 1.15.

EU | Monthly

EU | Daily

In conclusion EU should top out somewhere between 1.09 - 1.15

Next we have ES.

ES | Monthly

ES | Weekly

In conclusion, ES should top out somewhere between 4022 - 4525.

Last but not least we have BTC.

BTC | Yearly

BTC | 3 Months

BTC | Monthly

BTC | Weekly

Lots of low resistance liquidity above.

BTC | Daily Part 1

BTC | Daily Part 2

BTC | H4

Potential Long following Daily Part 2's move.

In conclusion, everything lines up for a BTC top somewhere between 21,850 - 29,000.

Last note, the dollar is most important here. It decides when all the other markets top out and it is very close to bottoming or it has already which is also possible and if it already has than every other market has topped out as well.

Summarised possible price ranges. DXY : 102 - 97 EU : 1.09 - 1.15 ES : 4022 - 4525 BTC : 21,850 - 29,000

Finally, this is simply my personal opinion and as we get more price data I will adjust accordingly. After all, nothing is set in stone.

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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