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I Recommend Everyone Readers This Week's Bitcoin Story

Strongly recommend everyone read @parkeralewis most recent piece. High signal btc content that resonates deeply with my recent lived experience...

Bitcoin is Not a Hedge

They don't teach you the true nature of money printing in school...

"the system leverage is also what guarantees that the Fed will have to print more dollars in the future. If it did not, the credit system would collapse entirely."

I think everyone can relate to this feeling experiencing the dollar world the past few years...

"Humans respond to price signals and as those signals become more volatile and less reliable, the basic function of the currency to coordinate trade breaks down."

"There will only ever be 21 million bitcoin, and that is bitcoin’s true innovation.‌"

It really is that simple, but requires proofofwork.

"Finding the answers is not obvious or easy; it requires effort and intentionality."

"...But with that knowledge, each person becomes armed to survive all weathers–to evaluate every change in information, to consider each event and to decide how to react."

I have felt this comfort during the last cycle reading and connecting with bitcoiners in person.

"It puts every person in control of their own destiny in a way that is otherwise not possible or practical."

bitcoin empowers 8 billion humans to reach their full potential.

"Bitcoin is a currency with a fixed supply capable of facilitating day-to-day commerce on a direct and global basis. It is competing with the dollar."

Money converges to one...

"If bitcoin credibly enforces its fixed supply, it is the solution to the dollar and replaces the dollar."

hyberbitcoinization will occur Gradually, then Suddenly... thanks @parkeralewis for your wisdom.


This post is based on this twitter thread.


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