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Why I Didn’t Expect a Big Rally in Made History (Op-Ed)

Everyones trying to predict why we had a massive rally in BTC past 2 days- here is my thoughts explaining what happened 👇🧵

1) Technicals- Good old short squeeze, everyone was so comfortable shorting - they continued to do so even when key levels were broken 🚀

2) Bank of Japan started rising rates for the first time in over 30yrs, this means Japanese funds one of the top 5 economies no longer need to buy USD as insurance-this caused a dump in USD (check DXY chart as I predicted bearish action in November )

Mind you this is trillions

3) Inflation is cooling off, so market anticipates a Fed pivot at some point in 2023? - remember marker bottoms 6 months before economy

4) SEC continues to be intentionally ambiguous- They are not going to bring on full fledged crypto regulations, not anytime in next 2-3 yrs; with House/Senate split between republicans and democrats- there won’t be a large crypto bill passed anytime soon

Fund managers feel safu

5) Market makers feel the worst is behind us, especially black swan events like FTX / LUNA collapse - anticipation of no such black swans in 2023

6) Marker makers want to create FOMO, nothing creates good old FOMO like them big dildo green candles, bring back the retail money into market 🚀

7) So where does this take us?Is the bottom in? Did u miss the generational buying opportunity?Nobody can be certain, one thing we can learn is prices we see on some of these assets have massive demand! So buying quality crypto assets between 16-20k BTC isn’t bad idea!Start small

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