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Daily Altcoin Price Briefly Hits $900, Recovers From Yesterday’s Losses

1/ Crypto markets seems lively again with BTC above 20K & ETH above 1500 🟢

We are also back with the latest news & weekly thread🧵👇

2/ 14 years ago, on January 11, Hal Finney an American software developer tweeted "Running Bitcoin" 🏃‍♂️

First bitcoin txn happened between Satoshi & Hal as well. Before this all txns were block rewards to people mining the network.

In the first txn Satoshi sent Hal 10 BTC

3/ Alejandra Guajardo, El Salvador’s representative at Miss Universe 71, wore a Bitcoin-themed outfit 🗺️

El Salvador will be the host for 72nd Miss Universe.

4/ FTX attorney said that they recovered more than 5 billion in cash, liquid cryptocurrencies & securities 💰

In his latest article, SBF stated that FTX US remains fully solvent & he has no idea why US customers have not been made whole

SBF criticized Binance CEO CZ

5/ Genesis owes creditors more than 3bn as per an article by Financial Times & Digital Currency Group is exploring selling their assets from their venture arm to raise money

6/ On 12th Jan, SEC Charged Genesis & Gemini for the unregistered sale of crypto asset securities through the Gemini Earn lending program

Cameron Winklevoss tweeted in response that the Earn program is regulated by the New York Dept. of financial services NYDFS 🇺🇸

7/ Binance US's bid to buy Voyager has been given initial approval by US Court 🔨

The deal still needs to go through another hearing in March

8/ BlockFi CEO Zac Prince cashed out nearly 9.2 million in April 2022 & an additional 1.36 million

At the same time, the firm approved a "retention program" by increasing salaries by up to 50% for top staff 📈

9/ CPI numbers for India 🇮🇳 in December came at 5.72%, Expected was 5.9%, Previous was 5.88%

10/ CPI numbers for US 🇺🇸 in December came at 6.5%, Expected was 6.5%, Previous was 7.1%

11/ Cryptos are nothing but gambling, their value is only make-believe says RBI Governor

12/ Nexo’s offices in Bulgaria 🇧🇬 have been raided as part of an investigation looking into possible money laundering, tax offenses, computer fraud, & other crimes.

Nexo said in response that authorities are practicing Kick First, Ask questions later approach

13/ We have also made a detailed video 📹 on the same to help the community 👥👇

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