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Babylons NFT: A Tale of Two Mints

Hello guys. today i will tell you about babylons I highly recommend reading this volume. Babylons is a project with a very bright future.

Being on this ship will bring you great profits

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What is Babylons?

Babylons is an ecosystem governed by a unique DAO model serving as a community-governed NFT Platform, a premiere blockchain gaming aggregator, a cutting-edge launchpad and web3.0 technology solutions provider trusted by over 200 partners.

Online since April 2021, Babylons has processed over 20MM USD in marketplace volume, and has raised more than 2MM USD in primary sales for its partnered projects.

What's the story of Babylons Free mints NFT collection?

Where souls wander, there stories to wonder... A portal opening is near, for souls to meet their character. Although entering the gate is not for all, but for the ones who reach the goal and the role is to complete the wall

... Only then you can go through the wormhole, and ascend to the sacred hall where each character roar in a realm built for the whole.

Mint price? It's free!

Wen? TBA

How many?

155 NFTs per collection. Collections will launch monthly and it will be one per network. (First one on Arbitrum Nova)

Will there be only one free mint?

Check above.

How to get Whitelisted

There is three way to earn WL role for now:

Participate in raffles with collabs, Staking BABI token, Participate in Crew3

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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