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Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Market Expect $Spx Move?

Not much happening on btc , we are still flat at the top of the move. Still expect a tap into 22,000 before a correction below 20k

On egld, I'm thinking we may see a tap into the FVG at 43 before a correction to 37.

Though everything in the Crypto market is now expecting spx to make a move, since yesterday markets were closed (MLK day)

That being said, I see VIX is in a 3D support zone, IMHO. Which means a big move on spx is incoming.

And, with SPX sitting neatly into it's bear-market trendline, there are 3 scenarios: 1) fake-out, then lower lows

2) straight-up rejection here, and I believe we return at least to the mid-line of the parallel channel there, our fate will be decided 🔮

3) we get a real break-out, in which case I think spx will go to at least 4,100

As always, I'd love to hear your opinion in the comment and a RT of this would be dope 🔥

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