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Bitcoin Price Update – Market Structure Shift


Bullish BTC

Here's a thread...

Price pulling Back to Previous Highs (20k) Becomes Fair Value for Buying.

Order Pairing Will take place at the imbalance where only BuySide was previously Offered.

Sellside is accumulated and Long Positions built.

Once Price Broke above the High at 64.8 then subsequently the Low at 28.6 a Dealing Range was created.

We would now be looking for PD arrays in premium to sell to.

Long Positions accumulated here will need to be sold to willing buyers above current market price.

This happens at Imbalances where only Sellside was offered.

There are willing buyers in those Imbalances.

This is where longs will will target to offset their positions from here

From this we can see that the SIBI's at 32-37k and 47-52k are Targets.

Couple this with the Inducement (frontrun) on the 48k imbalance fill we can see that there should clearly be liquidity Resting above there.

If All of this is going to be pure retracement then we know that from the elements of a trade setup, Retracement seeks imbalance and Reversals seek Liquidity Pools.

We Can take it a step further and use the Range from the most recent energetic leg down as the Dealing Range (48-15k)

This puts the equilibrium at 32k where we have our most Recent SIBI as well.

Expect Reactions there.

Low Time Frame For study Purposes Here is How the Setup Formed.

Once an Up candle Traded through the lowest Down candle the Candle was confirmed as an OB.

Market Structure Shift Occured once price closed above the FVG marked.

On the Lower Time Frames H4

We can refine this further

MSS -> Dealing Range Created->Discount FVG for entry

On The Daily TF again the entry formed Here

OB at the Arrow + FVG in discount

Finally Using some Fib Theory For Projections we use the Range created Below (Body to Body) and project it upwards with 3.5 Std Deviations being the objective.

If you would like to know more about the narrative used then slide into my DM's & follow follow my brother @StkishTCM

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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