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Is it Too Late To Get Over the Bearish Flag?

Maybe it's not clear to you all so I'll show u what I see, just pure value methods. btc let's go

I see many ppl draw like this Yeah ok Maybe Even so This is BEARISH price action within the flag U guys you can't just draw flags and hope they will resolve You need to understand the dynamics Trading under the midline is bearish Now What's had more PA upper lower?


Secondly I wouldn't draw a flag like this anyway I live trader, I map it as it goes And this gives more honesty to know where to long where to short

Currently, most recent PA is bearish trading in the lva. We can expect a fall to the blue lines as they are clustered and so will provide demand if it goes there and wicks This all I expect prior ny Another could be a scam to the purple box Common in ranges

Upper purple box is where I long to if it flips the scam region as shown before

RN what is happening?inability to get over the blue poc

RSI says is ok to go up and scam if hold 50 line which it is. Just looks weak tbh

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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