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Bitcoin Chart Analysis – The Day of Dec. 1

We are at the 6k level of 2019. It took 5 hits to break above. And it went to 14k then. This time we are already above 20800. And 23k is the resistance. My bet is still 30k first. And if dcg dies or grayscale bankrupt btc 14k If not 19k ~24k will be the dca area

Scenerio1: If grayscale survive, bitcoin

breakout will go to ard 34~36k before dropping to 19k~24k. Next bullrun begins right after the drop in 2023. Scene 2: if grayscale go bankrupt, btc will hit 31k and crash to 14k. Next bullrun will be 2025.

Scene 1 biden fall sick, kamala takes over and bullrun commence ard june. ends in 240k in 2024 ard halving. Scene 2 ends in 120k in 2025 with cdbc eating through bitcoin potential. Alts and btc bleeds to death. End of crypto.

Scene 1

2024 march halving btc already hit 240k 2024 july start of next run from ard 60k 2025 jan. fall of fiat and reelection of republic candidate not trump.

btc eventually hits 3 million and suck all fiat to maintain price of 1million/btc.

2027 new financial structure with btc as sov. Quantum computer n russia effort to hack bitcoin.

2028 No hardfork could save bitcoin

Newer better stablecoins replace bitcoin

End of bitcoin

AI written quantum resistance coin become new sov.

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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