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What the Market Should Be Doing With Bitcoin

BTC going for 30k?

Recall the moment when bitcoin was worth 16k. What did everyone around talk about then, what did the public write about and analysts repeat? What were you waiting for?

12k per cue ball. And this figure became a direct symbol of that time, so much it bit into the minds of people. But what do we have now?

BTC - 21k. And we never saw 12k. This is one of the latest examples, but if you look at the entire history of the market, you will see and know very well that the market follows the minority.

What is the mood now? Most are sure that this is just a bounce before a deep dive. The second part of people are waiting for some kind of pullback to pick up longs, because it was scary to buy at 16k.

Given the above rule, and taking into account the current market sentiment, can we be dragged 30k from current values on shorts and expectations of a dump?

I think yes. And this option must be kept in mind. After all, even if there is a final dump, in order to get people into the market as much as possible, at least we must rise above 25-30k, where investor euphoria and wet thoughts about a new bull market.

Therefore there based on the facts there is a chance to see the continuation of the growth.

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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