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The Rogue Wave: Rogue Wave

With all of CT talking about the "echo bubble" many people are missing what this confirms...

A Rogue Wave ๐Ÿงต BTC / BTC

1/10 The first indicator for this is the extremely similar structure to the 2019 echo bubble fractal, but with a twist!

2/10 This time around the flash dump before the echo bubble has played out more than 2x as fast (rogue)

3/10 This leads me to believe that this is the beginning of a rogue wave that will lead us back to ~30k in a matter of weeks. Using the 2019 fractal (adjusted for shorter flash dump) we can see that we are about halfway through the echo bubble

4/10 This ~30k level has many layers of confluence for a first swing TP including, Fibonacci Retracement, 55 & 89 week EMAs, and the Bitcoin CME gap from June.

5/10 Looking past the new few weeks we can see further truth in the 2019-2021 fractal, including one last tag of the lows to confirm a bottom before the next wave starts anew

7/10 Finally we get to the most interesting part, the rogue wave. After The Pop in Spring, and The Shakeout in Sumer, comes The Run, also known as a bull cycle or in this case a rogue wave.

8/10 My two Macro TPs come from confluence of psychological and Fibonacci levels, and if not reached by the Winter of '23 are invalidated, as is the Rogue Wave.

9/10 ๐Ÿ›‘ A couple things to keep in mind ๐Ÿ›‘

Bitcoin dominance is well due for a pump to 50-60% which will destroy most alts while BTC ranges.

10/10 Coins that trade differently than most alts such as LTC, XMR, and most low caps are your best bet for making swings in the coming months.

(Litecoin leading Bitcoin once again)


Much love to @GABBAxbt for sharing his many years of knowledge @StubbaXBT for being a sikkunt throughout the bear

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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