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Interview: Testnet, a Game Based Lottery, and a Mining Game

What is this


❓ How to play❓ How is testnet made❓ How many airdrop methods are there❓ Let's examine it together.➡️ testnet airdrop Airdrops gamefi nft NFTs NFTGiveaways btc avax matic eth

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What is this


❓ it is a game based on play win strategy. You can also trade in-game.

The aim of our game is to bring web2 players to web3! :) Isn't it a nice goal? The story of our game takes place in the middle ages and consists of 4 parts.

Campaign, Dungeon, Clan Boss and PvP Arena. CAMPAIGN

Players will learn the basics of the game by playing Eldarune's story mode,

and also they will learn the lore and experience the fundamentals of the game. In order to play the game, you need to have the main character, Alec.

DUNGEON Players can play dungeons to farm items on their own or as a team such as a co-op. Farming dungeons will help players to get better gear. After clearing a dungeon, a more difficult one will be unlocked. Harder the dungeon, better items will drop.

CLAN BOSS This mode focuses on playing as a clan. Clans need to fight against an overwhelming enemy together. Each clan member will be rewarded with items if they are able to defeat the boss.

PVP ARENA They can fight 1v1 up to 5v5, 5v5v5, and more. There are different types of PvP arenas, they are not only limited to man-to-man combat,

but players can also ride dragons for aerial battles or sail battleships for naval fights.

In the game, it can also be done on the battleship against other ships and dragons. NFTs will be both rental and upgradeable. Income Model: You will be able to earn income through different methods in the game. Among them:

Includes NFT Item Sales, Champion Sales, Alec and Rare Character Sales, In-Game Sales/Upgrades, ELDA Token Sales,

NFT Sales or Rental Commissions.

ELDA Usage Areas: The token distribution of ELDA, whose Total Supply is 1,000,000,000, is as follows:

You can see the roadmap of the project in the attached picture.

The partners of the project are as follows:

The team of the project is :

so how to play this game ❓ How is testnet made❓

Our game is currently in the testnet stage. Of course, it is possible to earn rewards by doing the testnet. But I will explain them in the award section.

1) Register/login to

2) Connect your wallet 3) Choose your network for testnet (PolygonMumbai or AvalancheFuji) 4) After registration 9 items will be sent to your wallet, because of this during the registration please wait a couple of minutes

Digard - The gaming market of the future

5) Visit

to collect your testnet rewards. 6) Download

@DigardOnline Game Market 7) Log in to Digard Game Market 8) Download Eldarune 9) Enjoy 10) Report Bugs :

Digard - The gaming market of the future
Google Forms: Sign-in

How many airdrop methods are there❓


100.000 ELDA AİRDROP !!

You can get detailed information from this link.

Dungeon">@eldarunedungeontestnetislive6c9d11762928Dungeon Testnet Is Live!


This is where the crew comes into play. You earn airdrops by doing crew missions! No draw. Warranty airdrop.

CREW³ | The 1 operating system for web3 communities

3) Games are always played on DISCORD. By winning these games, you can earn elda tokens and nfts. played every day

4) twitch streams! :) Those who participate in twitch streams are rewarded.

Join the ELDARUNE 🐲 Discord Server!

5) We are organizing a special reference contest for our Turkey telegram channel! 50 ELDA will be awarded per invitation, and the top three in the competition will be rewarded additionally!

The competition will last 14 days!

Finally, I leave you the necessary link. Thank you for reading

I strongly recommend that you review this project, which is open to surprises and is at a very early stage.

Eldarune | Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Twitch | Linktree
This post is based on this twitter thread.


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