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Altrader Coin.info: Scalability and the Lows of Bitcoin

1. Quick educational thread sharing some alpha on LTF execution looking at a trade taken yesterday during the markets volatility - scalping BTC.

Hope this gives some of you a bit of extra edge when it comes to sharp pivots and capitalising on these moves.


2. Right so as we know, BTC has been grinding up here for some time, this either meant vertical accumulation, or we see an aggressive move to the downside, as you can see the only lows that were run were at 20,666, the rest of the long have had an easy ride.

2 (cont). My eyes for downside targets (if the market starting puking) were at multiple points:

- 20551 lows - 15min OB - The low of the OB itself - Intra demand much lower (blue)

We don't guess in advance where it will end, we just mark logical targets and react, not predict.

3. Price then moves up, full transparency i missed this move, wanted to see a deeper sweep, not a double top, we can't catch them all and the delta wasnt supporting my short either - no harm no foul.

4. Price runs down aggressively nonetheless, takes out pretty much everything bang into the orderblock.

5. At the same time my eyes are on ETH. It's taken out its range low here and that was my final logical target for the eth move, which in turn gives me more confidence that BTC is ready to pivot too.

6. We have been watching the delta dynamics on the 1min chart and can see a large amount of negative delta was produced, what does this mean? That market orders are smashing into heavy walls of bids. Limits are the stronger hand, this is due a bounce.

7. We use the 1min TF for our scalp entry. We've been watching this develop. Now we have a running div across the RSI and AO, and a LTF triple drive into our 15min OB, we start taking our entries in 1st instalments.

8. The logical scalp target is to run this 1min high, so we have our trade set out in essence.

9. We net a slightly higher average but take full position as we start to move up and confirm the shift in momentum. Price runs back aggressively in a V manner, takes out the high and closes back underneath. Exit. Trade done.

Likes & RT's appreciated, the more these spread the more inclined i'll be to carry them on ๐Ÿซกโค๏ธ

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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