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Price Analysis: $BTC Continues to Hover Near $100

General view

BTC - 1d Gain were made, bags added in that low, now being overall cautious

Big pumps are also met with big dumps, so will let PA flow

1d RSI - overbought

MAC - reducing to red Ideally a flip of the 200d EMA again on BTC and rejection on USDT.d 200d EMA


2. Another reason for being cautious on Alt buying is BTC.d which has taken off - could easily see a move to 200d EMA on the 3d, which does have an impact on Total3

Will watch for resistance

3. On Total 3 just need to hold its current position above 320b, core area to flip which was the previous low back in June. Require those EMAs to get closer and squeeze

As mentioned over Xmas, my trigger to buy Alts was based off T3 break - 2nd image.

4. Said for while DXY has had less impact on BTC as last year finished, regardless still want it to break current position, but looking at some indicators possible relief coming

Will watch it tho

Most my lines were drawn a long time ago & good to seem the played out still

5. Time to view alt charts, may have some random ones popping off, or review potential target zones for buys

Nothing goes up forever

Ideally BTC consolidates, but not flipping that 200d EMA on 1d will build up shorts etc

Note - will flip back to LTFs soon, easier to see general patterns being formed.

Market has done great to jump out of hole, not many expected it.

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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