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Today’s Trading Update: Market Reaction

1. Today's Trading Update

➡️ News Results ➡️ DXY Chart ➡️ BTC Chart ➡️ Altcoins ➡️ Conclusion

Read this thread to learn more 👀 👇

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2. News Results

Philly Fed Manufacturing Index

Actual: -8.9 Forecast: -10.9 Last month: -13.8

Unemployment Claims

Actual: 190K Forecast: 214K Last month: 205K


↗️ Good for US Dollar ↘️ Bad for Crypto Markets 😥

(*) - However, read this thread for market reactions!

3. DXY chart

After the news releases, price has gone sideways!

Chart shows M15 timeframe.

For a more detailed look see here:

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4. BTC chart

Price not go below 20565 level to confirm a pullback.

Needs a "candle close" below this level to confirm a pullback.

Therefore price still in the same up leg move!

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5. Altcoins

While Bitcoin goes sideways, the altcoins will continue to create small gains!

Yesterday saw a small dip due to a couple of news events, see here:

However, most alts have come back up and continuing to see gains!

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6. Conclusion

✅ BTC to carry on and still in an up leg move!

✅ Alts to continue seeing small gains while BTC in an up leg move!

✅ DXY maybe going sideways.

✅ Still waiting for Bitcoin to start a "pullback" move! Until then do nothing and let the trades run!

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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