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10 on-Chain Data Showing a BULL Market Revival

10 on-chain data signal the BULL market comeback! 🔥 BTC ETH cryptocurrency

1\ Measuring Maximum Stress This ratio is currently within the peak market stress regime that has historically been sufficient to shake out out a majority of investors.

2\ Relationship between Price Depreciation & Supply in Profit

Price Depreciation < Supply in Profit = Bullish (Short term holder has mostly has been squeezed out of the game.)

3\ Supply Redistribution Due to heavy supply redistribution at bear market lows, the % of supply held by newer buyers 🔵 tends to be very responsive to price compared to Long-Term Holders 🔴 .

4\ Short term holder Confidence When the spending entities have a higher cost basis than the holding entities 🟪,

. we can conclude that a majority of new investors are expressing a preference to hold on,

. and thus have more confidence in a sustained rally.

5\ sSOPR Indicator It monitors the profitability on a per spent output basis. . Recovery of the 90D-SMA of the aSOPR back above 1.0 it indicates that the macro trend shift is back towards profitable on-chain spending. This indicates that most market activity is profitable.

6\ Realised PNL Indicator The Realised Profit/Loss Ratio provides an oscillator tracking the ratio (volume:realised PNL. ) . >1, 🟢;

<1, 🔴; . This suggests that investors holding unrealized losses are becoming exhausted. new wave demand is capable of absorbing taken profits.

7\ Activity of Small vs Large Entity Bear markets tend to lead to a notable decline in on-chain activity by entities of all sizes. Values above 1.2 tend to define a threshold for both initial reccovery, and an elevated level of on-chain demand.

8\ Miner Fee Revenue When the 90D-SMA 🔴 of Miner Fee Revenue crosses above the 365D-SMA 🔵, it signals a constructive uptick in blockspace congestion and fee pressure is underway.

9\ New Address Activity When the 30D-SMA 🔴 of New Addresses crosses above the 365D-SMA 🔵, and sustains it for at least 60-days 🟪, it signals a constructive uptick in network growth and activity is underway.

10\ Realised Cap HODL waves (LTH) Historically, an intersection between the Realized Price * 0.7 🔵 and the 200D-SMA * 0.6 🟢 pricing models occurs during deepest phases of bear markets.

. This is a result of the volume weighted Realized Price stabilizing due to accumulation.

[BONUS] Mayer Cross-over It tracks the deviation of spot prices relative to the widely observed 200D-SMA. Historical performance for Bitcoin indicates that fewer than 4.3% of Bitcoin trading days have a Mayer Multiple trading below 0.6, which reflects prices at a > 40% discount.

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