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Bitcoin Lightning Network: Begin With Bitcoin AND Lightning ⚡️

Quick start setup for Bitcoin ⚡️Lightning Network 🧵

Objective: Buy a @CoinCorner @theboltcard on Lightning

For existing BTC hodlers, future thread for no-coiner friends 😉 Note wallet support may vary based on geographic region unfortunately

👉 when 🇨🇦 @CashApp @Strike ?

The steps are: 1. Download a wallet that supports both Bitcoin AND Lightning 2. Transfer Bitcoin from your cold, or other, storage to that wallet 3. You can then pay directly on Lightning with that wallet 4. We will do so making a Bolt Card purchase 😍

First off, grab a wallet that supports Lightning.

You'll want to find one that supports both BTC and Lightning to ease the bridging.

Others trialed in the screenshot but fully supported by @MuunWallet, @bluewalletio @Breez_Tech


I'll use @MuunWallet 👇

Within your wallet you will want to select to RECEIVE and ensure that Bitcoin is selected NOT Lightning.

You will be able to send BTC from any of your existing storage locations to this wallet.

I suspect clicking COPY will be most useful to send to this address.

In my case I'll send to this wallet from a @Ledger via Ledger Live. Sending BTC from my ledger to the Muun wallet Bitcoin address copied above.

Once the transaction is confirmed you'll now have a balance in your wallet which can be used on BOTH the Bitcoin and Lightning ⚡️ networks.

* Fun part *

Then we can go ahead and buy that fancy @CoinCorner Bolt Card!

Select your fav card design and proceed to checkout.

Ensure that Lightning ⚡️ is selected above the QR code this time and NOT Bitcoin

Bolt Card Checkout | CoinCorner

In your wallet select SEND and then simply scan the QR code.

Confirm the purchase and you are all set!! ⚡️🔥🚀

And just like that my Bolt Card is on it's way!! 😍👏🔥⚡️

Awesome stuff can't wait @CoinCorner @theboltcard @CoinCornerDanny">@CoinCornerDanny

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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