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Bitcoin Breaks Through $22.6K; Is There A High Volatility?

brief update on the market

for those who do not sleep 📈

Bitcoin BTC Web3

Bitcoin has broken through 22.6k and is steadily moving towards 23k

shorts on BTC are open for 5 billion...

in reality it is less, but even this amount is significant

shorts may be forced to buy back their positions and thereby pump the rate by 24k through liquidations

alts pumps separately for news and narratives: APT, LDO, HBAR

but globally, BTC

market share is the largest since last July

this means that soon they will start transferring from Bitcoin

to alts & We will continue the mini-alt season

If you short mid term investor partially take what is in profit

do not go short against the market unless you are an experienced trader/scalper

I will continue to buy BTC


using the DCA strategy

Next week we are waiting for very important data from the IT giants

This should affect the price

So be prepared for a high volatility

missed an opportunity now?

If there is a bull signal 🚀 again > then you will still have time to earn

congratulations to those who are in profit

everything else is ahead 🫡

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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