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Bitcoin Price Outlook Above $2300 Positive

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Bitcoin 1W📈

BTC is trading above 23000 and looks willing to accelerate further.

BPRO HTF Trailer reveals significant resistance at 23500. Once the bulls reclaim the level, the bull run will get an additional validation on the weekly time frame, which is a rare occurrence.

Bitcoin 1D📈

Daily BTC chart reveals a powerful breakout over the 200-day trend.

It appears that Bitcoin does not have much opposing force in the chart until it reaches the 25000 area, which marked the swing highs of August 2022, from the technical standpoint.

Bitcoin 12H📈

BirbicatorPRO trailer has remained on the bullish side ever since the bull signal triggered at 16900.

Following support levels of interest: 21547, 18871, 18268, 16522.

These levels may often work on a level-to-level basis.

Bitcoin 4H📈

There is a little opposing force in the 23500 territory. BTC can move and consolidate between 22000 & 23500 for a short period before the pattern unfolds.

Ultimately, HTF Trailer reveals the sharp bullish trend is intact as long as it trades above 21792.

BONUS: Bitcoin Net Unrealized Profit/Loss 🔎

NUPL ratio is valued at 0.13 and suggests that there is a net unrealized profit for some traders, following bottoming out at -0.31 on Nov 9th 2022 during the FTX collapse. Black swan events often offer extreme buying opportunities 🔥

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