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Tethys Perpetual

Tethys Perpetual is LIVE! πŸš€

We are proud to present open beta of Tethys Perpetual - the first DEX to offer METIS leverage trading πŸ“ˆ

- trade METIS / BTC / ETH / AAVE up to 50x lev. - stake TETHYS πŸͺ™ - add liquidity πŸ’§ - participate in bug bounty


This is very huge and important milestone in our Tethys V2 transition roadmap.

Truly a moon mission in terms of how much work we had to do to bring this release to @MetisDAO ecosystem 🌜

Now, with one of the core puzzles already in place we are ready to conquer new heights 😼

Lets cover all the key features, activities and disclaimers below πŸ‘‡

Staking πŸͺ™

How to stake TETHYS:

1. Go to Earn

2. Stake 3. That's it! ✨

After doing these simple steps you start earning rewards in METIS as well as Multiplier Points.

Longer you stake - more rewards you get by compounding your Multiplier Points πŸ“ˆ


Trading πŸ’Ή

How to open position on Tethys V2:

1. Go to Trade

2. Select asset you want to long or short, choose leverage 3. Create position 4. That's it!


Liquidity πŸ’§

How to add liquidity:

1. Go to Liquidity

2. Select asset you want to add to Liquidity 3. Buy TLP

Find more about TLP in our docs:


Participate in bug bounty by joining our Discord and submitting your experience in bug-reporting channel.

❕Do not forget to include your METIS wallet address to the report

3 randomly selected and 3 the most informative report authors will share reward pool of 2000 TETHYS πŸ†

Security is crucial for us, that's why these policies will be enforced during beta:

- 0.5% fixed spread for METIS trading derived from spread between CEX πŸ“Š

- to claim profits the position must be either opened 3 hours or price must move for 1.5% to fight oracle frontrunningπŸƒβ€β™‚οΈ

Open beta will be ongoing until 28th of January πŸ“…

This is also the date when we announce winners of bug bounty and provide more info about upcoming airdrop 🚁

We are looking forward and can't wait to read about your V2 experience ❀️


This post is based on this twitter thread.


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